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Helping you look your best is my priority here at
Permanent Makeup by Kate located in the Indianapolis
suburb of Carmel Indiana.  I offer a wide range of
services including permanent makeup,
microdermabrasion, peels, and skincare treatments

What is permanent makeup or permanent

Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing that enhances
the appearance of the face.  Many women spend
countless minutes, even hours, every day putting on
makeup, including eyeliner, and brow liner.  Permanent
makeup can reduce or even eliminate this process, giving
you more time and one less thing to worry about.

How does permanent makeup ( or cosmetics ) work?

Tiny amounts of safe, biocompatible pigments are
deposited under the skin with a needle.  These particles
then become trapped and encapsulated by the skin as it
heals.  Over time, the body absorbs these pigments and
the permanent makeup fades.

What technique does Permanent Makeup by Kate

I use only the Softap® permanent cosmetic technique
and supplies.  You can find more information here at
www.  Softap® offers beautiful, natural results with
minimal discomfort and enhanced safety.

What makes the Softap® Permanent Cosmetic
technique different?

  • The Softap® technique is applied mechanically by
    hand, and not by a machine.  This allows for
    greater control and stability.  
  • Each handpiece and needle is discarded after the
    first use, eliminating the chances for blood
    contamination with other patients.
  • The pigment is deposited in the upper layers of the
    skin, thus greatly reducing discomfort.

How long does Softap® Permanent Cosmetics last?

The effects last 1 year or more before it beings to fade.  
You may think that this is a disadvantage in that it is not
as permanent as other tecniques, but in fact it is a great
advantage.  For example:
  • Mistakes are NOT permanent and will fade much
    more quickly.  
  • The results look natural, not "painted on" like other
  • Our face ages and what may look good today may
    not look good 3 years from now.
  • Touch-ups are easily done when the effects begin
    to fade.

Does Softap®  Permanent Cosmetic (makeup) hurt?

Their is minimal discomfort because only the upper most
layers of the skin are penetrated.  Some patients even
fall asleep during the procedure.

How will I look right after the procedure?

You can expect the area to be much deeper and darker
in color than the final result.  Kate will help you choose a
color that complements your particular skin tone and
shade.  In a couple of weeks, as the skin heals, the color
will lighten to complement your skin.  The results will be
natural and pleasing.  

If I need a touchup when is it done?

If needed, touchups with Softap Permanent Cosmetics
are done within 4 weeks after  the initial procedure.   After
that, typically, patients do not need a touchup until at
least a year or two later,  when the permanent makeup
begins to fade.  

How much does a Softap Permanent Cosmetic
procedure cost?  

Please see the About Us section for our prices.
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